South East Wisconsin Region 9
We’re in this together
Message from the Chair

It’s hard to believe we’ve been meeting and working together as a region for six years! It is an honor to be affiliated with such a dynamic group, not to mention leading the charge. I truly believe this is a collaborative effort that impacts us all. The commitment from hospitals, community health centers, emergency management, public health, private and public emergency services, is truly phenomenal. We are all moving in the right direction and our greatest strengths are the people involved, the information we share and the collaborative nature that encompasses this group. We will continue to forge ahead and keep Region 7 a leader in the State of Wisconsin emergency preparedness initiatives.

Lynn Schubert
Southeast Wisconsin Region 7 Chair

Region 7 Executive Committee Members are:

Lynn Schubert - Chair
Matthew Paulus - Vice Chair
John Pandl - Secretary and Treasurer
Bill Bazan - Member at Large
Paul Biedrzycki - Member at Large
Charles Cady - Member at Large
Jeff Clark - Member at Large
Elizabeth Corneliuson - Member at Large
Region 7 Board Members
Model Communities Award

Southeast Wisconsin - Region 7 is proud to announce that we were recognized by the CDC as a Model Community Linking EMS and Public Health. The award was received by Lynn Schubert and Betty Corneliuson on August 13, 2007. Click below to read the submitted document
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